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June 25, 2006

This blog will self-destruct...

... well actually it probably won't. Its just that I'm not going to be updating it any more. I'll just let it float on in blog-space.

But not to worry. All you have to do is go to jhunytheboy.com.

Goodbye blogger!

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June 22, 2006

I really am! Honest!

No amount of pink stripes and headings can disguise the fact that this blog has not been very gay lately. That thought occurred to me as I'm reading the various blog posts collected at Pinkboard and through all the whingeing and carrying on about rehabilitation, and touring around the country, all I've got in the last three months that suggests same-sex orientation is a cursory mention of the mystery man JPB and some random comment from an ex-housemate.

Well anyway here goes nothing: I AM GAY.

I'm so happy (gay, even) to hear that Kylie's touring again. I think that my ticket is for her first performance back, which will be amazing to go to. I was sitting in a cafe in Toowoomba and they were playing Kylie's Showgirl DVD and I was watching her perform Red Blooded Woman thinking "wow this is so gay".

The movie channels at the hotels that we've stayed at have all been playing Brokeback Mountain.

I'm glad I got that off my chest.

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PS I know that QP did a similar kind of post yesterday but at the very least he was being QueerActivist. I've just been a dancer (and, no, I've met enough straight male dancers, you can't just make any kinds of assumptions!).

June 21, 2006

Shut down

What do you mean you don’t have Sunday trading? It’s only five o’clock, all I want is milk, why aren’t the supermarkets open?

No matter how pretty Toowoomba is, there’s a very strange vibe about the place. Being stuck there that late Sunday afternoon, walking around the Grand Central for an hour trying to find a way to get into Coles because there was no reason that a city of this size should go into almost complete shut down just because it was God’s holy day. The cinemas were open but I didn’t want popcorn I just needed nibblys and breakfast supplies for the next morning.

Very pretty place indeed. But it gave me the creeps walking on the streets at night, copping the occasional random yelling from lone cars driving by.

Oh, and I need to mention the hotel that we were staying at, the Quality Burke and Wills that does NOT have a one-off charge for local calls. What a bitch, especially when you’re on the internet as much as I am.

Pretty theatre the Empire, though, and lovely home-made biscuits.

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June 20, 2006

Roundabout and swing

Clan in Canberra and in many ways I felt like I had returned. It was here in Canberra that I first took up dance training that had sent me on my way to Bangarra. At the end of our media call on the day of our opening night the general manager of the theatre approached me to tell me that he was pleased to see an ex-Canberran back on his stage, a sentiment he repeated at the post show reception that night. It was a bit of a shock and perplexing really because, at that point I wasn’t really doing that much in the show; it seemed that having a post-injury me as the “swing person” was more important than getting me back into all of my roles. Which it is, I guess, but it makes it no less disappointing, and after all that anticipation of returning to form in the city that started me off.

By Saturday, however, due to yet another injury in the company, I found myself back in rather aptly titled section Power, the most demanding of the roles that I was to have in the program before I had injured myself. Misfortune had given back what she had initially taken away from me and it was both exciting and daunting, considering that for the past month I had had such a cruisy role in the show. At least I had the matinee that afternoon to rehearse before the “big one” that night, closing night, when JPB and a handful of other friends were to be in the audience. For those who haven’t seen the program, Power is almost entirely partner work (with a section in the middle where we sit down at the back and watch other dancers for a bit) and having not run it entirely for almost two years, I was more than a bit nervous.

Then again, as I said in a previous post, I’m much more relaxed about this whole dancing thing. Strangely enough, in the matinee, it was Power that was the best executed of my roles, the others suffering firstly from nerves and lastly from the exhaustion of actually having to exert myself. I was just happy to be back again and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole way through, even though I felt like I wanted to cough up a lung or something.

So I’m back in Canberra, I’m back doing the hard stuff. I don’t know how long I’ll be doing this role, I may revert back to being the swing. But it doesn’t matter. I had a taste of it, I can give it back now. None of the up-coming tour destinations mean as much to me as Canberra did.

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June 10, 2006

Not Quite...

I’m in Griffith with my new 3G mobile (Motorola RAZR V3x) and with no access to 3G services. The Company Manager is busy searching for a USB dial-up modem but all she can find are ADSL modems; meanwhile you could waste a whole day going through your emails with the speed of internet access available here. I set up a roaming dial-up internet account to use on this tour but, apart from Darwin where I’ve had access to my brother’s broadband anyway, I haven’t been able to use it because TPG doesn’t provide a local access number for the places we’ve been to. Carting my brick of a laptop across the continent took its toll on my purposely bought laptop-enabled backpack, one of the straps broke on the way to Geraldton, so I bought a wheel-around laptop-enabled cabin bag that I couldn’t even take onboard the Rex flight to Griffith because it was too bulky. This place is supposed to be cosmopolitan and multi-cultural but I still can’t find a decent cup of coffee.

Alanis Morrisette would call it ironic. I would call it a bitch.

(P.S. couldn't be bothered dealing with crap internet cafe so I'm posting this from Sydney. I ended up sleeping in and missing the check out call for the airport because, after setting the alarm on my new phone I didn't realise that I had to ENABLE it. Confusing!)

Reflections 2006

Almost two years ago we were at the Griffith Regional Theatre teching through Spirit after completing what seemed like a tough major-cities season of Clan. Looking at the cramped wing space and the unforgiving sightlines, one of us jokingly pondered “what if we had to do Clan here?” For those who didn’t get to see it in 2004, the first half of Clan involved heaps of technical trickeries, props, quick changes and lots of quick exits-and-entrances, all for the purposes of reflecting on the man David Unaipon. Difficult for everyone involved.

I guess we asked for it.

And it’s more difficult this time ‘round, for the second half of Clan 2004 has been replaced by Rations, which is its own logistics nightmare for a travelling regional tour. Besides the dancers finding themselves at certain times in the show dancing with tin cans on their heads, throwing large flour bags across the stage, being wrapped up and rolling about in blankets, and flipping over and under a ‘fence', there’s also a large ten-metre ring that has to fly in and out throughout the dance. FR really likes her props.

What if? It was an important question back then. At the time I was having all sorts of anxieties with dance and, even just doing the relatively cruisy Spirit, going onstage came with a feeling of unease and dread. My nerves couldn’t cope with Clan again.

Two years and many frequent flyer points later we’ve finished our one show of Clan in Griffith and, well, everything went alright. It’s a shame that the only thing I exert in the first half is my voice box and that I’m only partly involved in the second half (thanks to the injury). But even if I’d been fit enough, the idea of doing this show doesn’t seem as crazy as it was back then. That Spirit regional tour was a seven-week marathon with its own demands and pressures but I think it allowed us to consolidate all that we gained as performers in Clan 2004. And having just completed the Gathering program with the Australian Ballet, it seems that just about everyone in the company has taken steps up. There seems to be more of a sense of ease and familiarity of this thing dance. The difficulty is there but there’s less anxiety about the whole thing.
I can’t wait for Canberra, where I get to flex my newly repaired calf muscle. My roles have changed since the injuries but there’s promise of getting more stage time.
And back to that original question, “what if?” Well the exits and entrances weren’t as slick as they have been, and there are some elements missing (such as the fantastic light boxes that fly in and out at the start of Motion) but all in all it’s there. And I guess it worked because there was quite a lot of applause at the end.

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May 29, 2006


Panorama of Alice Springs at Sunrise from Anzac Hill
A couple of the other dancers had made the trek up Anzac Hill in Alice Springs to see the sun rise over the Alice. Although I have only a limited role in the current Bangarra tour I still didn't think it was a good idea to head off when we're doing full days in the theatre. The morning of our travel day to Darwin seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a trek. As with Castle Hill in Townsville, it seems like the only reasonable reaction to a big lump of rock is to climb it so at six in the morning I found myself rugged up and bleary-eyed walking in the pre-dawn darkness along the barren Todd River, racing to beat the Sun. Fingers frozen because I had neglected to pack my gloves and because I was holding my icy cold tripod in one hand.

Panorama of Alice Springs at sunrise from Anzac HillBut the effort was worth it. The streets of the Alice were slowly waking up and the sky was growing bluer and brighter. Three of the other dancers finally made it up the hill after me just in time to get front row seats for the daily spectacle, my tripod already set up and capturing the view and there were already a handful of random people also waiting around. A band of pink slowly swept across the sky to herald in the Sun, which finally emerged above the horizon as a piercing and brilliant glow. Several cameras suddenly went into action, including mine.

Panorama of Alice Springs at sunrise from Anzac HillAbout an hour later we were back at the Alice Springs Resort tucking into a well-deserved hot breakfast, feeling energised from seeing such a glorious view. It was a good way to top off a pretty exhilarating few days in the Alice. Sunrise on Anzac HillThe night before the company was receiving rapturous applause from an almost packed house at the Araluen Arts Centre. We even got a second curtain call, which is pretty special for a regional show. It was especially good because an hour prior to that there was serious drama going on backstage as the directors were trying to work out how to replace one of the dancers who had just received a blow to the nose and was off to get it checked out by a doctor. Conveniently enough DB has quite a big role in the second half including a solo that nobody else in the company had gotten around to understudying. None of this applied to me as I have such a reduced role in the show already but when the second half commenced there was quite a bit of anxiety as to how the show was going to go.

Half way through "String" there were a couple of strings in the wrong place. We were all able to work around them but it was clear that we were all on edge.

But once it was time for DB's solo, the anxiety started to lift as PT took to the stage. He had volunteered to improvise to fill in the time. It was both amazing and funny to watch from side stage, with the knowledge of the extremely late "casting change", just about the entire company were watching on the sides cheering him on as he proceeded to twist and turn to the music. The energy onstage had changed, it was another one of those amazing electric moments that I hadn't seen since Ground Force in Melbourne. And no one in the audience besides the directors were none the wiser.

Praise the sunIn the space of half a day I had been blown away twice.

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Sorry for not blogging for so long. I've been taking my time with a revamp of the whole thing. It's hopefully coming in the not too distant future...

May 05, 2006

Fame, the Wiki way.


Does it mean that you're famous when you have your very own entry in Wikipedia? That you didn't create yourself? Meanwhile, I didn't realise that she was Latina; fancy that, and after having lived with her for all that time!

How exciting!

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April 26, 2006

Two weeks

It's now two weeks since I injured my calf and I seem to be recovering nicely. I can do about ten single leg calf raises on it before it gives up the ghost and needs to rest. I even managed to do a bit of a ballet barre yesterday though opted out of anything too strenuous on my leg. It ached a bit afterwards but today feels fine.

The big problem, though, is trying to keep fit. Twenty minutes on the bike and I'm puffing like a smoker. And what happened to my washboard abs that I worked so hard for? Okay, that might be a bit of an overstatement but my bod was looking pretty hot pre-calf-tear. I was feeling so good, I felt like I could fly. Now I'm in the pedestrian slow lane, sweating over a little walk down the road... Okay, another overstatement...

I'm back in rehearsals next week, though.

Excuse the pun...

Hopes fade for three trapped miners
Grave fears are held for three miners after a small earthquake triggered a rockfall at a Tasmanian gold mine, trapping them almost a kilometre underground.


Not the best choice of word here...

April 25, 2006

More Water

One day they're stranded in Katherine because of it. Now they're forced to flee to Katherine because it's roaring into town in the most intense Cyclone that Australia has ever seen.

Water. There's too much of the stuff up north in the past month. Cyclone Monica is moving towards Darwin, with wind gusts reportedly up to 350km/h. It's been a crazy couple of weeks for the family up north but they don't seem to be too concerned by it all. But it's not going to hit until later on today and, since it's already crossed inland, it'll weaken by the time it gets to Darwin, if it ever does. But it looks pretty big.

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Update: she missed!

April 19, 2006


Day 6. Tuesday. I hadn't done my calf exercise today and, sitting on the massage table, I was getting a bit frustrated by my lack of co-ordination in my right calf. I CAN'T BLOODY POINT MY RIGHT FOOT PROPERLY ANYMORE! Still clunking around on my crutches. Earlier on, while boarding a bus to the Opera House, the bus driver took pity on me fumbling through my bag for my wallet whilst juggling my crutches and hopping to the ticket machine, he said not to worry and to just sit down. I thanked him but I felt quite embarrassed and really useless. I guess he was falling behind schedule and couldn't wait the five seconds extra it would have taken me to flash my TravelTen.

So when the physio told me to try walking without crutches I was a bit tentative. But, praise the Lord, I could do it! A day after Easter and Jhuny has risen from the dead. Hallelujah!

I couldn't help but show off my new trick to everyone. Today, I walk. Tomorrow, I dance...

... okay, so that's a bit too ambitious. But, as a consolation prize, I get to watch the show from the front. Can't wait, I heard it was quite good.

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April 18, 2006


When DM gave me my first set of crutches he assumed that I was his height and consequently set it a couple of notches too short. Walking around was a real bitch until GF pointed out that it was too low for me.

Since then I catapult down the footpath almost as fast as an able-bodied Jhuny would. I'm usually a relatively fast walker and I get incredibly frustrated with slow pedestrians, especially when they're supposed to be walking alongside with you. But even with crutches I end up overtaking slow walkers. Big groups of slow walkers piss me off because they break the rhythm that I've just built up. Have they no consideration for folks that have to hobble on crutches? It's bad enough that I have to get from the Circular Quay bus stop to the Opera House everyday to get treatment without having to deal with slack-legged tourists.

Yes, I get impatient easily. No, having crutches changes nothing.

Put your feet up.

Nothing much going on since tearing my calf muscle. But to add insult to, er, injury I've managed to catch myself a flu virus as well. So not only am I hobbling around on a dodgy right leg but everything else is feeling really achy as well. It all started when I had coffee with a post-viral AD, recently arrived back from NZ, with DO. Now that I'm no longer performing I guess my body has decided to pick up and succumb to any old virus.

On the plus side, I was still able to enjoy a full easter weekend holiday. Spare a thought for the poor Bangarra and Australian Ballet dancers who had to perfom TWICE on Saturday and once on Monday, hehe, at least they had Good Friday off. Went and saw The Squid and The Whale, caught up with friends that I haven't seen for a while, drank too much alcohol for someone on rehab, and watched some Power Rangers. Cool.

Haven't given much thought to what I should be doing about work, though. I guess, in this case, rest really is work but no one seems to have confirmed this to me. Maybe it just goes without saying and, besides, I still can't even walk properly. Anyway, I'm feeling a bit useless and disconnected from everyone at the moment. Maybe it's just the flu.

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April 14, 2006


Stage manager FB posted a beginners' call for Amalgamate but I was enjoying a delicious seven-dollar steak at the Captain Cook Hotel. By the time the dancers were painting up for Rites I had my right leg up, watching crap re-runs on Foxtel. It's a hard life.

I guess you could say that my dance career is temporarily on hold for now. Frozen. Like the back of my right calf, thanks to the ice pack that I have wrapped around my leg. No matter. JPB is making sure that I'm well looked after. My only gripe is that he now refers to me as "The Cripple". Or, sometimes, "Hoppy". Luckily I have a sense of humour.

It was a bit tight for a moment, though. After hobbling off at the end of Amalgamate on Wednesday night I was shephered into the Bangarra Ladies' changeroom where YB offered to give my right calf a bit of a massage. I was still clinging onto the hope that I was just suffering from a massive cramp and just needed it to release. But the more she massaged it the more it hurt. Not good. Meanwhile, the directors and stage management were running around backstage trying to find me. It was obvious in the curtain call, when poor little Jhuny limped on, that something was wrong though no-one had any idea that I was hurting quite early on in the piece. But it was clear then that I couldn't go on for Rites so an emergency mid-interval rehearsal was called to try to fill in the gaps that I left behind. Meanwhile, poor Jhuny started to get quietly emotional but realised that there was still the job of properly rehabilitating myself; I may not have been going on that night but possibly I could get back on stage by the weekend?

Not bloody likely. For me it's foot up for at least the next couple of weeks, will complete rehabilitation after six weeks of limited dancing and maximum injury management. One moment, RR was perfectly balanced on my right shoulder and I was about pass her on to NF, as I've done for the past two months in rehearsals and in performance. The next moment I felt a sudden "twang!" in my right calf. There was still half an hour of the dance to go and only one stage exit, which wasn't for at least another twenty minutes or so. No one seemed to notice, though, the show went on. Luckily for me, most of the choreography was quite grounded and though I could only walk around with my legs bent and my body leaning slightly forward, that's pretty much the Bangarra style so I didn't look at all out-of-place. Most of the time...

Anyway, the next day I had my injury diagnosed the next day: a torn calf muscle. And, apparently, a really doozy of a tear. It's going to take the full six weeks to be properly rehabilitated. Great. Six weeks takes me right up to Alice Springs for the up-coming Clan program.

At the very least, it seems like a not-so-uncommon injury. AB director DM made sure my injury was taken care of, and he did a pretty good job too because he had personal experience of it. In the next twenty-four hours other AB dancers spoke to me of their own experiences of torn calf muscles. Every one of those incidents were the same: it came from out of the blue, it would feel like it was completely recovered after a couple of weeks but that was exactly the time when it was prone to re-injury, it would take a good six weeks for a complete recovery. The best of the AB have had it so at the very least I was in good company.

But I'd rather be up and about, running around onstage...

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April 06, 2006

Going Under



At 3.05 pm the height of the Katherine River at the railway bridge was 18.89 metres and rising.

Water is flowing into the CBD from the Lindsay Street end but is expected to stabilize when the water level is on a par with the river level. It is not known what the exact level will be in the CBD when it stabilises, however it is expected to remain at that level for about 24 hours.

People, particularly those in low houses are advised that driving out of the Katherine North and Katherine South areas will not be possible for much longer.

We strongly advise to evacuate now.

Residents evacuating are advised to go to the Evacuation Centre at Casuarina Primary School in Casuarina Street.

People who wish to drive their own vehicles are strongly advised to leave them at the grain board yard opposite Dalgeteys in Crawford Street. A bus will then convey you to an evacuation centre. Pets can be left at the Council Depot beside Mitre 10.

People who have friends in higher areas are free to stay with them if they wish.

The next flood advice will be issued at 10.00 pm Thursday 6 th April 2006.

Road Report Number is 1800246199

April 05, 2006

Rising water.

The Katherine River is on the rise again. The parents, who own a shop on the main street and lost alot of stock in the 1998 Australia Day floods, say they're prepared: they've raised stuff up off the ground and moved the rest. Its been raining constantly and the water is still rising but hopefully it won't be as bad as the last big flood.

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March 29, 2006

Yet another Gathering moment.

Previous: Another Gathering Moment

I'm backstage preparing for the last section of Rites. This involves having to be covered head-to-toe in clay and, having just gotten off stage from the fire section, usually there's not that much time to do it. I'm also conscious that SS has even less time to prepare since he has to have a shower to clean off all the red paint that's put on him in the previous section so I try to get "ochred up" as quick as I can to get out of his way...

... though it would be preferable if I put on my costume first...

... picture one dancer, the odd one out, running around in only a jockstrap. Pretty...

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Update: the Ground Force moment continued to be re-lived throughout the day, much to the chagrin of the protagonist.

March 28, 2006



This mix was probably finished about three weeks ago but I've only just recently decided that this would be the final version. It's just that in that time I've tried to make changes to the mix but ended up not liking it so undid them. The main problem was when I mixed the Pussycat Dolls with Freeform Five: it sounds interesting only for a short time then I get bored. But I really wanted to have a *new* song in there (I started the mix a few weeks before Madonna released her new single, complete with remixes, in Australia but the mix took so long the remix has since been flogged to death) and there was nothing decent to fill it in. I had tried to fit Vandalism's Never Say Never but it didn't really mix into New Order well and I really wanted to keep those tracks in.

The New Order Jetstream section is a bit much but I especially like the Richard X remix of the track though I think for the general listener it may be too much. Also, it's a bit odd but I really like the ending, it goes on some crazy tangent and ends up with a mad rocking bouncy-breaks of a tune. It can't all sound like a night out at the Xchange! Probably my favourite moment was when Gloria turns the beat around and knocks Dannii out of the picture. I mean, what's up with her laying her voice over random instrumental club tracks anyway? The only problem is that I've played that section to death and I'm a bit over it now.

In fact, that's the big problem. I've spent so much time on the mix, and I've listened to it to death on my iPod to make sure it sounds okay, that I've just gotten sick of it. It's only just been finished and I'm over it already.

PT likes it, though. He's the only other person to have heard the mix.

Anyway, here's the tracklisting:

1. Kelly Clarkson vs Depeche Mode vs Rex The Dog - Since U Been Gahan (DJ Earworm mashup)
2. Coldplay - Speed of Sound (C-64 Remix)
3. Madonna - Sorry (Pet Shop Boys Maxi Mix)
4. Dannii Minogue & The Soul Seekers - Perfection
5. Gloria Estefan - Turn The Beat Around
6. Missy Elliott - Lose Control (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
7. Black Eyed Peas vs Armand Van Helden - When My Lumps Go Down
8. Mylo - Muscle Car (Freeform Five Remix)
9. Mylo - Muscle Car (Sander Kleinenberg Pace Car Mix)
10. Freeform Five - No More Conversations
11. Rogue Traders - Watching You (James Ash's Club Mix)
12. Pussycat Dolls ft Will I Am vs Freeform Five - Beeeaaoowwp
13. New Order - Jetstream (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
14. New Order - Jetstream (Richard X Remix)
15. Tiga - You Gonna Want Me
16. Gorillaz - Dirty Harry
17. The Prodigy - Out Of Space (Audio Bullys Remix)
18. Pendulum ft The Freestylers - Fasten Your Seatbelt
19. Ordinary Boys vs The Freestylers - Boys Will B-Boys (Dunproofin' Mashup)

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Another Gathering Moment.

Her nickname is Ground Force. Often times during technique classes or rehearsals we will find her crashing to the floor having lost her balance. It's a testament to her commitment to the dance that she will push herself to the limit and sometimes more. Sometimes it's thrilling to watching. Most times it's just plain funny.

Even when it happens in performance...

One second she's misjudged her distance from RL, almost sending her poor partner to the floor. Being slightly confused she trips up on her dress, falls over, rolls over her back and straight back into the choreography at exactly the correct time.

Legendary performance!

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Can't see it? Then try this.

A Gathering Moment

Usually the dancers of the AB have quite specific requirements for their hair, particularly the women, and it’s usually up and out of their face. So to be able to wear their hair out for Amalgamate must be liberating on some level. And the women all have great hair so why not? Free-flowing hair can sometimes get in the way, especially mine; it’s in desperate need of a good trim so I slicked it back out of my face. Revelation: I could actually see my partner!

On Saturday morning, PK (from the AB) came in to warm-up class with his hair braided which was subsequently tidied up by ST. I think he wanted to try something different and it looked pretty crazy on stage for the matinee. Then RR got ST to do her hair for the night show, and PK had since undone his and was sporting a kind of short blonde afro. AK had his hair cut and RP (in a kind of role-reversal) had hers up in a messy bun. I was as slick as before (though it’s usually a messy by the finale) and the rest of the Bangarra girls were wearing their out and wild. It was a free-for-all in the hair department and the subsequent on-stage mood was electric. It was amazing and the audience responded really well, clapping at every opportunity before leaving a stunned silence at the end of Grant’s final song.

Let your hair down indeed!

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March 27, 2006

Heard on the 78 Tram up Chapel Street

"I'm not sitting next to him, I'm a woman. Or am I?"

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Closing Ceremony Fireworks 15
Originally uploaded by Jhuny.
In the end there was no Ms Minogue and we had to make do with John Farnham back from retirement once again. The best thing about the Closing Ceremony was the Bollywood at the 'G, so much colour and movement and pretty people.

It's a bit of a shame that it's all ending, though. It was great to see the city so alive and packed full of people the last couple of weeks. Who cares that sometimes it takes twenty minutes to cross a bridge or that blue-shirted well-meaners yell at you to "Keep to the left!" I wasn't in Sydney for the Olympics but this was pretty good. If only I wasn't so busy with the show I could have gone to more events. Like the Big Top. Or Bollywood in the park.

At the very least I god some great pictures with my new camera and tripod.

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March 26, 2006


JhunyTheBoy's Last.fm Weekly Artists Chart